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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  June 3, 2014 11:34pm-12:37am PDT

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race? >> the fight to the republican party. you've got the old guy, conservatives, right wing versus someone like kashkari coming in more in the middle. that could be a change for republicans. we talk about the sheriff's race, laurie smith, a lot about incumbent seats. you really have to do something wrong to get unelected, so to speak. as far as mayor, hard part is yet to come. different feelings about reform than he does. >> not lightning. >> thank you, larry. we will continue with more results and final answers in a few hours beginning at 4:30. thanks for joining us tonight. rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jonah hill --
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mayor rahm emanuel -- musical guest, soundgarden -- and featuring the legendary roots crew. and now, here's your host jimmy fallon! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hello, everybody! thank you! hey! hey! thank you very, very much! thank you very much! hey! thank you, everybody! thank you very, very much! aww! that's what i'm talking about. welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. hot crowd right there. [ cheers and applause ] hot crowd. i appreciate it. thank you very much. welcome. thank you for watching. here's what people are talking about. thank you, sir.
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[ laughter ] guys, good news for our pal, toronto mayor rob ford. [ laughter ] in a new interview, he said that he will return home from rehab on july 1st. [ cheers and applause ] when asked what he'll do after he gets out of rehab, ford said, "probably hang out with some friends and then head back to rehab." [ laughter and applause ] very nice right now. i appreciate that. at least he's honest. hey, listen to this. there's talks that president obama might move to new york city after he leaves the white house. [ cheers ] in 2017. which is going to get awkward when even he needs two roommates to afford a place in manhattan. [ laughter ] [ imitating president obama ] "did you drink all the milk, kevin? oh, good news. there's no hot pockets left. [ laughter ] the good news is someone left the box in the freezer. [ laughter ] screw my life. president -- [ laughter ] president -- this is what i get? you can't replace the box?
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at least throw out the box. [ laughter ] and you know it's my milk, kevin. [ laughter ] can someone do the dishes here besides me? am i the only person can do the dishes?" [ laughter ] now, look." this is a pretty big deal. yesterday, apple unveiled a lot of new software at their big press conference in san francisco. one of the things people are most excited about is a new feature that cuts down on auto correct errors. [ cheers and applause ] the bad news is your mom's texts just got a lot less funny. [ laughter ] i mean, "headed to the super muppet. want me to pick up hot dog butts?" [ laughter ] just call me. apple also unveiled a new desktop operating system called "yosemite." yeah, and they got a new -- great new help feature. for instance, i was using
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"yosemite." i was having trouble downloading my music. so, i, i typed in help and -- >> you don't have enough reckon, freckin memory to download more doggone music! [ explosion ] you pea-brained son of a a biatch! >> jimmy: all right. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] a little weird but -- he's right. some more tech news here. i read that facebook is working on a new option that will let kids under the age of 13 use the site. while kids under the age of 13 are currently using that old option that lets you lie. [ laughter ] "i'm 100 years old." this isn't good. last friday, cnn had some of its worst 10 p.m. ratings of all time with only 35,000 viewers tuning in. that's not good. i left it on for my dog and when i cam back, she was reading the newspaper. [ laughter ] it's bad. 35,000 viewers.
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even worse, most of the views came from the monitors left on in the background on cnn. [ laughter ] "don't turn those off. they're half our ratings." [ laughter ] this is pretty amazing, guys. scientists in the netherlands are working on a new star trek style machine that could teleport people from one location to another. >> mark: jimmy, that's old news. i've been teleporting for years. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mark -- mark, are you telling me you invented teleportation? >> mark: yeah. every night. i go about 3 a.m. end up, teleporting and wake up all the way across town with no idea how i got there. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: mark, i think you've just been getting drunk. [ light laughter ] >> mark: oh, yeah? if i was getting drunk, then why do i have this pounding teleportation headache? [ laughter ]
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>> jimmy: that's a hangover. >> mark: you're wrong, jimmy, and i'll prove it to you right now. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: is that a bottle of peach schnapps? >> mark: nope. it's teleportation juice. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i'm pretty sure it's peach schnapps. you just wrote "teleportation juice" on it. [ laughter ] >> mark: i don't need to take this from you. come on, roots. let's get out of here. [ cheers ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i guess it really works. oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] oh, man. this really made me laugh the other day. i was watching this.
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it was on espn the other day and they were doing a report on european soccer. fútbol. european soccer and i started to get the sense that the anchor didn't know much about it at all. listen to what she said. >> another title up for grabs. the liga and the copa del rey -- real madrid, of course, with -- ten. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's it. just gives, gives up. you know, like -- you're just reading stuff on a screen. like -- "the color red?" [ laughter ] it's -- espn so -- totally confused. real madrid with ten. [ laughter ] units. score, score unit and -- a a colored box there." i didn't know my mom was a a commentator on espn but good! she needs something to do besides texting all day. >> steve: good for her.
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she loves it. [ cheers and applause ] gets out of the house. >> jimmy: she don't know football. this is causing a little controversy this week. [ laughter ] the show airs in england, so we had to -- this is causing a little controversy this week. pope francis is now telling married couples to have children because only having pets could lead to anger or bitterness in old age. as opposed to having kids which leads to anger and bitterness in old age. [ laughter ] "how come you never visit? get out!" [ laughter ] this is weird here. last weird, a woman in south carolina was actually arrested for stealing a bible from a walmart. cops were like, "you're not supposed to steal." and the woman's like, "no spoilers!" [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that's a good one there.
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that's a good one. >> steve: oh, come on! >> jimmy: yeah. i don't even know what to think about this. our pal, andy cohen. we love andy cohen. he's developing a new reality show called "i slept with a a celebrity." it's where regular people talk about one nightstands they had with famous people. [ cheers ] higgins, you ever slept with a a celebrity? >> steve: does howdy doody count? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. nevermind. >> steve: or hamburglar? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: what did hamburglar say to you to get you to sleep with him? >> steve: nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right, all right. nevermind. nevermind. sorry -- sorry i asked. >> steve: i was wondering. i don't know. i don't know! >> jimmy: sorry i asked. yeah. i think they are both celebrities. all right. good. i just read about this company in washington that is planning to sell a new marijuana infused coffee.
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[ cheers ] coffee plus weed. it'll leave you feeling exactly the same as you did before you drank it. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i feel normal. and finally this week, tim tebow said that he's staying in shape in case he gets another opportunity to play in the nfl. [ cheers ] then his boss was like, "that's great but these waffle tacos ain't gonna make themselves." we have a great show! give it up for the roots. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, everybody. thank you for watching. we have a big, big, big week of shows coming up. this week, tom cruise will be here. >> steve: what? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: mike meyers will be
11:45 pm
here. >> steve: what? >> jimmy: channing tatum will be here. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: what? >> jimmy: we're going to do something fun and different with those guys. also, music from the pretenders. chrissy haim will be here. [ cheers and applause ] blur's damon albarn is going to be good on the show this week. killer week. but first, we have a fantastic show tonight. this guy makes great movies. his new one "22 jump street." it opens next friday with channing tatum. it is super funny. jonah hill is here, ladies and gentlemen. >> steve: jonah! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's good. plus, he's the mayor of chicago and the reason i went into lake michigan in the middle of february. mayor rahm emanuel is dropping by. [ applause ] i'll tell you the story. and we have great music. oh, my goodness! soundgarden is here tonight! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ spoonman soundgarden. chris cornell, they can just do it up. >> steve: they can do it up raw. >> jimmy: powerful, powerful band. hey, guys.
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it's time to take a look at the stories making headlines today and weigh the good with the bad. it's time for "pros and cons." here we go. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight, we'll be taking a look at pros and cons of horse racing in new york. [ laughter ] the belmont stakes are this weekend, all eyes will be on new york to see if california chrome wins the triple crown. [ cheers and applause ] so, let's take a look at the pros and cons of horse racing in new york. here we go. pro, the horses are excited to visit the big apple. con, mostly because they think it's actually a big apple. [ laughter ] common mistake in the horse world, yeah. >> steve: big mistake. [ imitating mister ed ] >> jimmy: "you said big apple. >> steve: i'm going to eat this." >> jimmy: pro, seeing the horses burst out of the starting gates. con, realizing it's just 12 giant rats. [ audience awws ] very, very tricky. you never know. >> steve: tricky. >> jimmy: yeah.
11:47 pm
>> steve: their problem -- >> jimmy: only bet on the ones that have jockeys riding on them. >> steve: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: pro, the winner of the belmont stakes gets $800,000. con, or as that's also called in manhattan, rent. [ laughter ] [ imitating president obama ] "kevin. kevin. now, look. did you get milk? [ laughter ] and hurry up with them damn hot pockets! [ laughter ] you didn't pay the cable bill. how am i supposed to see the scores on espn? [ laughter ] real madrid got ten." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] finally. took them a long time they got ten. now, look." [ normal voice ] pro, the horses come to new york with dreams of winning big. con, and nightmares of being ridden by the naked cowboy. [ laughter ] you got to watch that guy. >> steve: watch him. >> jimmy: you got to watch that guy. >> steve: he's a great celebrity. >> jimmy: he is a -- he is a a celebrity. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ no! higgins!
11:48 pm
oh, no! >> steve: he's not really naked. he wears underwear. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. he kind of is. what did he say to you to get you to sleep with him? >> steve: hello. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: all right. there you go. >> steve: come on! i'm teasing! >> jimmy: pro, going to belmont park for a place at the races. con, going to donald sterling's house for a day at the racist. [ audience ohs ] not the same. >> steve: not the same thing at all. kind of. >> jimmy: pro, new york city has some of the finest hay in the world. con, most of it can be found here. that's not hay! >> steve: that's not hay at all. >> jimmy: that's not hay! that's luxurious, beautiful, golden -- >> jimmy: thank you. the most beautiful, classy hay there is. [ laughter ] [ mimicking donald trump ] >> steve: beatuiful, classy, beautiful hay. young. >> jimmy: pro, watching the horses gallop down the home stretch.
11:49 pm
con, watching them grind to a a halt when they end up behind a slow walking family of tourists on the sidewalk. [ laughter and applause ] "honey, that's a -- look at all the rats, honey." pro, horses don't retire. they go out to stud. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: con, california chrome has that tattooed on his lower back. [ audience ohs ] >> steve: not good. >> jimmy: tramp stamp. pro, seeing the winning horse party it up in new york city. con, the next morning, seeing it do the trot of shame. [ laughter ] >> steve: hey, weren't you wearing that saddle last night? [ laughter ] [ galloping ] [ whip cracks ] [ cheers and applause ] and it's colonel by a stretch! [ neighs ] [ laughs ] wipeout! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pro, the official
11:50 pm
drink is called the belmont breeze. con, it's also what happens if a horse eats chipotle before the race. now, wait a second. >> steve: it's delicious food. nutritious. natural. >> jimmy: good for you. >> steve: organic. oh, gosh. >> jimmy: pro, new york city is a great place to race horses. con, new york city hot dog carts are a great place to taste horses. >> steve: hey, wait! what? [ audience boos ] >> jimmy: hey, what's your problem? >> steve: horse raddish. >> jimmy: oh, i see. >> steve: that's your problem. now, i understand your problem. >> jimmy: you're right. >> steve: i wasn't aware of it but now i am. >> jimmy: very defensive tonight. and finally, pro, watching horses speed around dangerous corners at high speeds. con, or as we call them in new york, city bike riders. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] that's the pros and cons. we'll be right back with jonah hill, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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>> jimmy: our first guest this evening is a two-time academy award nominated actor. you know him from dramas like "moneyball" and "the wolf of wall street." as well as very funny movies like "superbad" and "this is the end." [ cheers and applause ] starting next friday, june 13th, you can see them opposite channing tatum in a a sequel so their original hit comedy. this one is called "22 jump street." [ cheers and applause ] please welcome back to the show, a talented man. say hi to jonah hill, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. welcome back. welcome. welcome back to our show. i appreciate you being here. we always like you as a guest.
11:56 pm
>> i'm thrilled to be here, and i'd actually like to address something -- if that's okay -- to your audience. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: no, no. actually, no. i heard about this. something happened over the weekend. you got in a lot of trouble. >> yeah. so unfortunately this isn't a a joke. this weekend i was out with some friends and there was a a paparazzi guy. and he was antagonizing me, and calling me names. attacking me personally and my family personally, and i was genuinely hurt by this, and made angry by this. and in response i wanted to hurt him back. and i said the most hurtful word that i could think of at that moment. and, you know, i didn't mean this in the sense of the word. you know, i didn't mean it in a a homophobic way, and -- i think that -- sorry, i think that --
11:57 pm
that doesn't matter, you know? how you mean things doesn't matter. words have weight and meaning. and the word i chose was grotesque, and -- you know, no one deserves to say or hear words like that. and, you know, i've been a a supporter of the lbgtq community my entire life. and i completely let the members of that community and everybody else down when i used the word like that this weekend. and my heart's broken, and i genuinely am deeply sorry to anyone who's ever been affected by that term in their life. and i'm sorry, and i don't deserve or expect your forgiveness. but what i ask is that at home, if you're watching this, and you're a young person especially -- if someone says something that hurts you or angers you, use me
11:58 pm
as an example of what not to do. and don't respond with hatred or anger. because you're just adding more ugliness to the world and -- again, i just -- i'm so sorry. >> jimmy: i appreciate you actually being sincere and saying that. >> yeah, yeah. i know i'm usually funny and stuff, but this wasn't funny. it was stupid, and i deserve the [ bleep ] i'm going to get for it, you know? >> jimmy: yeah. well, no. it's good you came out and -- [ laughter ] came out and -- and -- [ rim shot ] no, i didn't mean -- >> he's the host of "the tonight show" for a reason. >> jimmy: you came out here and told us all. and a lot of people watch this show, and a lot of people are fans of yours. so that's -- it's -- it's -- [ light laughter ] >> no, you have to be honest sometimes. >> jimmy: you have to. well, thank you. >> my love and apologies to everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's move on. >> yeah. >> jimmy: let's move on. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i know that you're
11:59 pm
busy with the new movie. you and channing are everywhere. >> "22 jump street." >> jimmy: "22 jump street." yeah, the original was "21 jump street." >> that's right. that's right. >> jimmy: this is "22 jump street." and i know that you're going to be a grand marshall at a nascar race? >> yeah, yeah. and i drive like a median speed of eight to nine miles per hour. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: me too, yeah. >> i don't know if i'm going to be qualified to -- i'll be so neurotic that people are driving too fast, i'll ask them all to slow down instead of starting their engines. >> jimmy: are you going to say "start your engines"? >> i think i'm going to say "racecar guys and women -- have fun and be safe." >> jimmy: no, no. you can't say "have fun and be safe." >> drive as slow as you can and be safe. >> jimmy: no, you've got to go out -- you've got to go for it. >> drive at a respectful pace. >> jimmy: no, no, no, no, no. no, no, no, no, no. this is nascar. >> turn signal. signal. >> jimmy: no, don't put your signal -- there is no signals. >> signal. >> jimmy: you go and get in their face! it's nascar, and you don't screw around with nascar. >> i'm going to say "signal and don't text." >> jimmy: no, no, no, no. that's true. that's true, they shouldn't text.
12:00 am
>> you should definitely not text in the racecar. >> jimmy: in a racecar at all, no. but i actually got to say -- to announce -- to start the race once. >> you did? >> jimmy: and i was so nervous. and people give you advice on the way out to the track. and people are like, "jimmy fallon, you better not screw this up." you know, i was like -- it's like, you better do it right. you know, when will ferrell was here, he was really good. >> he killed it. >> jimmy: yeah. and i was like, "well, this doesn't help me at all." you know? >> he also played a racecar driver. >> jimmy: yeah, in a movie. >> studied the culture. >> jimmy: yeah, i did an impression of john travolta once. that's the only thing i'm famous for. >> bee gees. >> jimmy: oh, barry gibb, thank you. >> that's my all time favorite. >> jimmy: barry gibb. yeah, that's what i did. >> funniest thing ever. >> jimmy: i didn't know what to do. [ cheers ] so i went out -- i didn't know what to do and i went out, and i grabbed the microphone. and i just went -- we have audio of it. this is really my audio from when i did this at nascar. >> jimmy: gentlemen! start your engines! i went for it. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was great. >> jimmy: i passed out -- [ cheers and applause ]
12:01 am
i passed out and they all drove over me like a speed bump. [ laughter ] it was really awkward, yeah. >> that's fantastic. >> jimmy: it was really, really good. >> you did great. >> jimmy: it was okay. >> you're so enthusiastic. it's such a joy, you know? >> jimmy: yeah. i didn't get that feedback, but -- [ laughter ] we can all pretend to be the nascar audience. and you can use this as a a microphone, and just give it a test of what you're doing just to see if we can hear your technique and see if we dig on it. here we go. this is jonah hill, nascar, we're getting ready. drivers, start your engine. [ echoing ] >> ladies and gentlemen -- i'd like you to be respectful to one another while -- while moving in and out of traffic and to understand that we are all here just to watch you guys make it to the other end. [ laughter ] thanks. [ sad tuba ] >> jimmy: there you are. that's pretty good, right there! more with jonah hill after the break! stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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innovation that excites. avocado santa fe skillet, must be avocado season. waitress: ah, best time of year. mm, blt with avocado. shouldn't that be called a "blta"? sweetheart, one bite, and you're not going to care what it's called. [ding] welcome to denny's. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, everybody, we're back with jonah hill. jonah and channing tatum star in a very funny sequel to "21 jump street" called "22 jump street." >> very clever. >> jimmy: which is opening june 13th. gosh, it's a funny movie. >> thank you, yeah. >> jimmy: the first movie was based on the tv show. it's kind of a movie about -- kind of spoofing making a movie out of a tv show. kind of. >> yeah. you know, it was a terrible idea to turn a tv show into a a movie. [ laughter ] and, so we decided to make fun of ourselves right away for
12:07 am
that, and be very aware. and then, we were thinking about making a sequel. and we said, well, sequels are always bigger and crappier than the first ones. so we should make that the theme of the movie, that quote, unquote second missions are always more expensive and worse than quote, unquote first missions. [ laughter ] and you're trying to recapture that magic. >> jimmy: so many good little inside jokes. there's so many good bits, in general, that i don't even want to talk about because i don't want to ruin anything for anyone going to see it. >> well, thanks. yeah. i mean, it's really fun. [ laughter ] i mean, i don't know. >> jimmy: no, we don't want to tell you because you don't want to give it away. but it's good. don't watch the trailer. don't do anything. just go see the movie. >> just go see it. >> jimmy: because you'll laugh. and i don't want to ruin any jokes, but -- >> and close your eyes during the movie. >> jimmy: and who's the -- [ laughter ] >> because you don't want to ruin anything for yourself while you're watching the movie. >> jimmy: because the second time, when you actually watch it, you'll enjoy it that much better. because you have to see this movie twice. it's "22 jump street." >> you can listen with one ear,
12:08 am
but close both eyes. >> jimmy: close both eyes. one ear open. one ear if you can. >> and one nostril shut. >> jimmy: yeah, and just -- >> don't smell a single thing while you're watching this movie. >> jimmy: yeah. or even just get a ticket -- don't even go to that showing. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: immediately buy another ticket. you can go to that one. >> put your cell phone in a a movie theater seat and listen to the film from home. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's a whole new experience. you won't even believe it. you've never seen anything like it. >> hire a secretary, a court stenographer, to write the translation of the film out and read that aloud with your friends. >> jimmy: if you could. if you could, yeah. >> yeah. >> jimmy: if you could -- if anyone knows a mime, have a a mime see the film, come to wherever location you select and have the mime act out the film. see if you can guess what it was about. >> your mime will be blown. >> jimmy: your mime will -- [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> don't laugh at that. don't laugh at that. >> jimmy: oh, my god. who is the girl that -- the roommate -- the girl -- you kind of known her for -- >> oh, jillian bell. >> jimmy: with the blonde hair, and she's -- >> she's on "workaholics." >> jimmy: oh, my gosh.
12:09 am
this girl is funny, man. >> she came in and auditioned, and we were like, "that's just like an actual superstar." >> jimmy: i've never seen -- i didn't know her. >> she just came in and tore me up. made fun of me from beginning to end of her audition. and we gave her the job before she left the room. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: she's so funny. >> she's so funny in this movie. >> jimmy: destroyed. yeah, yeah, yeah. she's great. and ice cube is obviously -- we love ice cube in the movie. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you said you have a funny story about ice cube. we were talking. you were on a plane -- a flight with him. with channing. >> yeah, channing and i were on a flight for the first movie, and i don't know if either of us had ever made ice cube laugh. you know? >> jimmy: yeah, he doesn't really laugh. >> oh, i don't know. he's just -- he's great, and fun and great. he laughs like a little bit, but we were on a plane once with him, and he was cracking up. he was like dying laughing. he's watching this movie on his laptop. >> jimmy: and you were in front of him or behind him? >> we were in front, and chan and i were like, "whoa, what? ice cube's laughing, like, really hard. like, what do you think he's laughing at?" you know? we got to figure out what it is
12:10 am
so we can make him laugh. and we walked by the computer screen -- like, we walked by to go to the bathroom. we looked and he's watching "friday." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: his movie? >> yeah, he was watching his own movie. >> jimmy: he was watching his own -- dying laughing? >> he couldn't get enough of it, man. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i love that story so much, man. it's so good. >> he's the man. when we were writing the first -- when mike bacall and i were writing the first treatment for the first one, the first thing we wrote on paper was "we want the guy who wrote '[ bleep ] the police' to play the police captain in our movie." >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. that makes a lot of sense. >> when he said yes -- i grew up in l.a. like magic johnson and ice cube were my childhood heroes. >> jimmy: yeah. >> this was so cool. i probably annoyed him with every nwa, ice cube, "three kings," "friday," questions ever. but he's -- he's the man. >> jimmy: he's good. he destroys in the movie, and i think we just read that sony is -- you know, they test movies before they go out. it's the highest testing comedy in the history of sony or something. >> yeah, i think so. yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: people want to see it. it delivers. >> honestly, sequels are always
12:11 am
worse than the first one. and this one, you think worse. >> jimmy: yeah, no, no. and definitely stays through to the end. and when you watch the credits, because something fun happens. >> there's a surprise at the end. >> jimmy: there's a surprise at the end that's really, really funny. anyways, we have a clip. here's jonah hill and channing tatum working undercover in "22 jump street." check out this action. [ explosion ] >> dude, that was our car. we shared so much in that car! i'm going to shoot them in the face for that! >> what are you doing? don't leave me here alone. >> come on. climb around. let's go, come on! >> this is so scary! >> you got it! all right, you good? >> yes! >> all you got to do is walk now, okay? >> okay! [ screaming ] >> we're going to die! >> you're not going to die! just pull yourself up here! >> you got it! you got it! you got it! >> all right. think you can stand on your own now? i think we lost them.
12:12 am
>> the terminator! >> you are under arrest! pull the truck over! >> i did it! >> you have the right to remain silent. anything you do -- >> ooh! >> jimmy: there you go. "22 jump street" opens friday the 13th. our thanks to jonah6hill. chicago mayor rahm emanuel joins us after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ telephone ringing ]
12:13 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest has been in politics for over 25 years. he served on the staffs of two presidents, most recently as the white house chief of staff for president obama. and, he currently -- he's the mayor of chicago. but more importantly, when we launched "the tonight show," i did interviews in cities all across the country. and "the chicago sun times" asked if i would ever have the mayor, rahm emanuel, on the show. and, i had known rahm through, you know, reading about him in the papers. i said i'm afraid of -- [ laughter ]
12:18 am
i'm afraid of rahm emanuel. if rahm emanuel wants to host the show, he can come host. i was like -- i didn't -- but anyways, mayor rahm emanuel responded by saying, "jimmy fallon, look, if i'm going to come on your show, you need to toughen up." [ light laughter ] he said, "come do the polar plunge." [ cheers and applause ] jump into lake michigan in the middle of february -- or the end of february. it was -- yeah. so anyways, i did it. [ cheers and applause ] so, here now to uphold his end of the bargain is the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: please have a seat. mayor, welcome to our show. thank you for coming on after i toughened up. >> yes. you caught the bar.
12:19 am
you made the bar. you did it. >> jimmy: i did it. i was pretty tough. >> very tough. >> jimmy: that there's an insane thing. what i did. >> oh, that's not a rational act. >> jimmy: no, it's really not. >> no, it's not a rational act. >> jimmy: i mean, you -- we jumped in that water. but here's -- here's you. >> yes, but it's for a good cause. >> jimmy: well, this is for -- you asked these kids in the public library, right? >> yeah, there was -- i challenged the kids in the city of chicago. i said, "you read two million books." i said, "i'll jump. i'll do the polar plunge," which raises money for the special olympics. they raised -- [ cheers and applause ] they raised 2.1. now, that's chicago tradition, so i definitely am going for a a recount because i don't believe -- >> jimmy: no, no. it's too late. you all ready went in. you all ready did it >> it was kind of a vote count. it's chicago, so we know somebody was like dealing from the bottom of the deck. >> jimmy: no, it was -- it was cold that day, though. it was really, really cold. >> yeah. your insights are unbelievable. [ laughter ] i was going to say -- it was --
12:20 am
well, it's 32 degrees in the water. and, it's seven degrees up above. and, so here's the -- but there's, like, a brief second. you know, you're ready for all cold -- and it's 20 -- it's 32 in the water. it's seven out -- up in the air. and you, like, think, for 32 -- like, there's a brief moment the water's warmer than the air. and you think, like, three kids just swam right by. if you know what i mean. >> jimmy: no, no, no. it's not what i'm feeling at all. i had a different -- totally different experience. >> no, but then when you dive and you get out -- you got to go, man. >> jimmy: oh, you feel -- no, you went in, you came out. i went in right after you. and, i remember, i went -- because you don't want to let down chicago. so i had to go all the way in. so i went and i -- >> well, those are the rules. >> jimmy: i did the plunge -- i did the full on -- i went under the water, and i saw bubbles come out of my mouth, and then i froze. [ laughter ] and i didn't really feel anything. i go, "oh, i might be -- i might be dead." [ laughter ] you know? >> that's the difference between us. i kind of, like -- i kicked in, man. soon as i went in, i said, "i'm in, i'm out.
12:21 am
i did my job." >> jimmy: yeah. no, but i went in, i came out. i heard bagpipes. i looked around for bagpipers. because when you're irish, that's what you hear when you die. [ laughter ] i think that's what you hear. you hear bagpipes. >> see, you know what the difference is? i heard "hava nagila." [ cheers and applause ] >> we have -- we have a a contest -- in chicago, as the first jewish mayor, we taught the shannon rovers "hava nagila." >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. that's very, very -- yeah, very smart. but, this is you coming out of the water. look, you're tough. you work out. look at this. you're a fit guy. [ cheers and applause ] here's me coming out of the water, right here. what? [ cheers and applause ] >> i like that look. >> jimmy: uh, yeah. >> let's put that side-by-side. once again, i don't think we get the full impact. >> jimmy: yeah, you got -- >> there it is. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it was, yeah. >> who would you want to be mayor of your city? [ laughter ] who would want -- they would want -- i can be mayor. >> wait a second.
12:22 am
who do you want to be mayor, and who do you want to do a a talk show? but what really made me happy is that you guys declared chicago, for the month of march, the official "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon" month in chicago. >> that's right. [ cheers and applause ] here's our challenge. because it's official, here's our challenge. >> jimmy: oh no. >> this year the kids of the city of chicago -- >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> i challenged them to 2.4 million books to be read. and, if they do it this summer, we want you to bring "the tonight show" back to chicago. it hasn't been since 1998. if they read it, will you do it? for the kids of chicago. [ laughter ] [ drum roll ] >> jimmy: if they read 11 million books? >> no, no, no. 2.4. and we'll hire an accounting firm to do it. a local thing, schwartz and schwartz. [ laughter ] they'll do the accounting. >> jimmy: schwartz and schwartz. it's -- let's talk. >> no, 2.5 million books. you can bring the show any time back to chicago. it hasn't been there since 1998. >> jimmy: i'd love to go to chicago. >> done. >> jimmy: deal. >> all right.
12:23 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: mayor rahm emanuel, you guys, right there. i love you, chicago! [ cheers and applause ] soundgarden performs next. kids, you better read up! read up! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ amy ] when you're tossing and turning and can't sleep an ounce, wash in sweet dreams with tide, downy, and bounce. the sweet dreams collection has scents so relaxing so you can tuck in and turn off after a day oh so taxing.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guests are
12:28 am
celebrating the 20th anniversary of their landmark album "superunknown" with it's deluxe reissue which is in stores today. and startign july 19th in las vegas they'll be on a u.s. tour in tandem with nine inch nails. performing -- perfoming the classic, "spoonman," please welcome soundgarden! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ feel the rhythm with your hands steal the rhythm while you can spoonman ♪ ♪ ♪ speak the rhythm on your own speak the rhythm all alone spoonman ♪ ♪
12:29 am
♪ spoonman come together with your hands save me i'm together with your plan ♪ ♪ save me yeah save ♪ ♪ all my friends are indians all my friends are brown and red spoonman ♪ ♪ all my friends are skeletons they beat the rhythm with their bones spoonman ♪ ♪ ♪ spoonman come together with your hands save me i'm together with your plan ♪ ♪ save me save
12:30 am
save me save ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ come on lock it up come on lock it up come on lock it up come on lock it up ♪ ♪ come on lock it up come on lock it up come on lock it up come on lock it up ♪ ♪ spoonman come together with your hands ♪ ♪ save me i'm together with your plan ♪ ♪ save save me
12:32 am
save me ♪ ♪ feel the rhythm with your hands steal the rhythm while you can spoonman ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: ah, that's how you do it. that's how you do it, brother. good to see you. thanks so much. that's how you do it. soundgarden. "superunknown" reissue is out now. visit for an exclusive bonus performance. we'll be right back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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at shell, we believe the world needs
12:35 am
a broader mix of energies, which is why we are supplying natural gas, to generate cleaner electricity, that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and why with our partner in brazil, we are producing a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane to fuel cars. let's broaden the world's energy mix, let's go. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: my thanks to jonah hill, mayor rahm emanuel, soundgarden! [ cheers and applause ]
12:36 am
>> and the roots right there, ladies and gentlemen. stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night! hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- dennis miller anna chlumsky


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